Seminar Series No. 1 讲座系列之一

Topic/题目: Juchang 剧场: Contemporary Theatre Performance in Germany and in China

Time/时间: 09.12, CET 14:00-15:30(欧洲中部时间)

Place/地点: Zoom Meeting ID: 991 6515 5251

Language/ 语言: English 英文

Poster/海报: Yumin Ao 敖玉敏

Invited Speakers/ 主讲嘉宾:

Li Yinan is Professor of Dramaturgy and Theatre Studies at the Central Academy of Drama, Beijing. Her research focuses on various aspects of new dramaturgy (including dramaturgy for documentary theatre, dance and new media art). She teaches courses on New Dramaturgy and Documentary Theatre in the B.A., M.A. and Ph.D. programs. She is also a theatre director. Her theatrical productions include YouMou – Have/Have not (2015), Home (2016), In the Dream Land  (2017), Shuihu  (2017), and Heisi – The Black Temple (2017). She is the Chinese translator of Hans-Thies Lehmann’s Postdramatisches Theater (1999).

李亦男,中央戏剧学院戏剧文学系教授,博士生导师,戏剧策划与应用教研室主任。研究范围包括新型剧场、戏剧构作。作为剧场导演,她的主要作品包括:《有冇》(2015)、《家》(2016)、 《赢得尊冷》(2017)、《水浒》(2017)和《黑寺》(2017)等。她是汉斯·蒂斯·雷曼《后戏剧剧场》一书的中文译者。

Huang Yiping, dramaturg, performer. He studied at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, the University of London and the Central Academy of Drama, Beijing. His research interests include new dramaturgy and contemporary theatre. He performed in Home (2016), The Black Temple (2017), In the Dream Land (2017),and Shuihu  (2017). As dramaturg and instructor, he conducted a series of theatre workshop with non-professional performers, including: The Room of Ambiguity 2.0 (2019), I’m here (2020).

黄亦平,戏剧构作、演员。毕业于中央戏剧学院(本科、硕士)、伦敦大学皇家演讲和戏剧学院(硕士)。他的研究兴趣包括戏剧构作、新型剧场等。作为演员、戏剧构作与导演助理,他参与创作了《家》(2016)、《黑寺》(2017)、《赢得尊冷》(2017) 、《水浒》(2017)。自2019年,他先后参与举办了《黑盒子2.0》(2019)、《我在》(2020)等一系列与非职业演员工作的剧场工作坊项目。