Editor 主编: Yumin Ao 敖玉敏

Visual Designer 视觉设计: Xiao Yang Zhao 赵笑阳

Media Promoter 媒体宣传: Siqi Zhong 钟思琪

Somebody says “Design is making a mess and having fun doing it!” I enjoyed designing every piece of the Journal of Yingming Theater. And I appreciate Dr. Ao a lot for allowing me to create such messes. But if there are or would be some “trouble” with the designs, I am open to any comments. —— Hi, I am Xiaoyang, Master student of East Asian Studies at Göttingen University.

有人说“设计是开心地制造混乱!”我享受制作每一期月刊的时光,也很感谢敖老师给我制造混乱的机会。但如果某期的设计真的一团糟,大家可以开心地吐槽我嘛?—— 大家好,我是笑阳,哥廷根大学东亚系硕士在读。

We extend our sincere gratitude to Antonia Fung for her translation of the abstracts of Vol. 4-7 of the Journal of Ying Ming Theater. We also greatly appreciate Keanu Demuth for his help in translating some parts of Vol. 5.