I Have a Date With Spring


时间: 2月13日, 13时 – 16时 欧洲中部

地点:Zoom会议号 971 8032 8732





I Have a Date with Spring by Raymond To Kwok-Wai 

Time: 13. 02, 13: 00 – 16: 00 CET

Platform: Zoom ID 971 8032 8732

Language: Chinese

Contact: yingming.theater@gmail.com

Poster: Yumin Ao

Synopsis: When a retired singsong girl came back to the stage after twenty years, what kind of stories would she recall for her debut and her colleagues? How did the four different singsong girls’ life change over time? If you are interested in the story of four Hong Kong singsong girls in the second half of the 20th century, please do not hesitate to join us to read I Have a Date with Spring.

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