Workshops on WebVR Theatrical Rehearsal, Digital Theatre Archives, and Transborder Art


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Workshop 1: Virtual Reality and Theatre on the Play Copenhagen 

Introduction: Copenhagen (2022), inspired by Michael Frayn’s well-known play, is based on a meeting between the physicists Niels Bohr and Werner Heisenberg in Nazi-occupied Copenhagen in 1941. Two Physics Ph.D. candidates take you on a journey across spaces, through the past, the present, and into the future. Play and lecture performance merge with Web VR experience as you are invited to the Copenhagen event in virtual space. This is a new digital format theatrical experience exploring how Bohr and Heisenberg’s story weaves into our lives at present? What are the implications of this history for us today?

An online virtual space will be co-created in the workshop, enabling a nonlinear, critical examination of how virtual space as a rehearsal room. Participants will be invited to Copenhagen Institute play as Niles Bohr, Heisenberg, and Margrethe who will contribute their own performativity, investigating ways of performing together in virtual reality with avatars. The workshop will ask what the possibility of theatre is in a virtual space and where has the potential to unfold across drama, performance, virtual body, and digital scenography.

Time: 15:30 PM – 16:30 PM CET, Dec. 8th 

Coordinator: Jing Wang Thomas 

Format: Digital 

Workshop 2: Theatre Archive and the Materiality: digital restoration and the visual rebirth of the 1980s Chinese Theatrical Art

Introduction: In this workshop, I will exemplify some recent initiatives in the digital restoration of Chinese Theatre Video Archives within the digital humanities, in which context I will also present some of our team’s endeavors, specifically visualizations created in collaboration with the Heidelberg Scholar Performance Art LAB from films made by director LIN Zhaohua (1936-). Also, I will discuss some of the issues related to the reuse of augmented techniques of sound as an aid to past filmed archives. In addition, I will address some creative research possibilities in theater audio-visual archives, answers to which may benefit significantly from the collaboration between theater/digital humanity scholars and computer scientists on the one hand, and film or video archivists on the other.

Time: 16: 30 PM – 17: 30 PM CET, Dec. 8th 

Coordinator: Xiaoxin WANG

Format: Hybrid

Workshop 3: Finding the Communal through Transborder Art – Voice, Bodies, Stories

Introduction: Through my performances at the 2022 Venice Biennale upon the invitation to its 50th International Theatre Festival and at Theatertreffen at Berliner Festspiele as a Stückemarkt artist, I presented my idiosyncratic art practice, which I create through my voice as and with my body. The art crosses the boundaries amongst music, theatre, and dance through a few elements and through my embodiments. I use and move smoothly between vocal sound-making, non-notated melodies, body movements, spoken words, and objects, connecting stories I write through my personal ethnography, lived experiences, research, and interviews.

In this 1-hour workshop, which will start with a physical warm-up, the participants will be introduced to several exercises of listening, sounds, voices, bodies, and languages, using themes, poetic instructions, memories, and our bodies. While we will communicate with a language, we will think about how to consider unspoken and silence in bodies into arts and in our everyday lives. Deconstructing grammars and reimagining our communal ways of sharing and listening, we will investigate and create several compositions and storytelling, both personally and collectively, focused on inners, recovery, and new languages, over the Zoom workshop.

Time: 15: 00 PM – 16: 00 PM CET, Dec. 9th 

Coordinator: Aine Nakamura

Format: Digital