Da Hye Yang

I seek to creatively invest my education and skills as a doctor, healer, musician, sound artist, and thinker to ask challenging and relevant questions about the human condition of living. Both art and medicine invite people to take part in life’s moments of great complexity, ambiguity, tension, or difficulty, and by doing so dignify – and honor – the whole experience of living. Both understand that to live means to tear; and this means there is a role for the healer and artist, because looking into how we mend and how we understand the process, is the work that we can do. I was born in South Korea, moved to the United States at age seven, and currently live in Portugal. I work in sound performance, poetry, and installation of materials/objects and field recordings. I hold a doctorate in medicine from Harvard Medical School and a master’s in music from the Guildhall School of Music and Drama and am a Fulbright Scholar in creative music.