Body&Space Workshop

Moderator: Yinfu Gao (ATW Gießen)

Venue: Göttingen TBA

Time: 1 PM-3 PM, June 3, Saturday

Time period: 1h45min (15 min Pause)

Fee: Free of Change


Introduction: This workshop/experiment on body movement draws inspiration from the “Folding City” research, which delves into the themes of “spatial inequality,” “hostile design or architecture in urban settings,” and “the transformation, squeezing, and expansion of space.” Our objective is to explore the spatial dimensions of our bodies through somatic approaches, such as walking in space, experiencing falls and recoveries, and discovering/defining the boundaries of spaces. As we delve deeper into our exploration, we will engage in theater games like “random speech,” “Archiving the space,” and “video painting” to further investigate the research questions.

*Please wear comfortable clothes and socks. Papers and pens are needed. 

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