Asian Artists


Under the theme of  “Between Asia and Europe, Between Local Specificity and Global Recognition”, 20 artists coming from performing arts, visual arts, sound & music, media arts, etc will participate in the Artist Forum — A “Common Room” for Europe-based Asian Artists: Contemporary, Collaboration, and Community. Their artistic practice is intercultural and interdisciplinary and shows multiple diversities.  This introductory page is a platform to present the artists and their art creations. The artists could get some impression of each other and seek the potential for future cooperation. In addition, this platform is designed to be flexible and up-to-date,  which will follow up on the latest events from the artists. The idea is to keep this artist’s community connected. At the online Artist Forum on Dec 8th, artists will share their artistic approaches and contribute to the discussion of the selected questions from Issue Bank. Please click the names of the artists listed below to know more about them.


Lizhi Chen, Yinfu Gao, Jingyi Guo, Linda Jiayun Gao-Lenders, Xiao Ke,

Susanne Songi Griem, Xiaoer Liu, Ziyan Liu, Yaxin Luo, Vidya Thirunarayan,

Raha Dehghani Vinicheh, Flora Wang, Wei Wang, Xiao Jing, Li Xu,

Da Hye Yang, Xiangfan Ying, Feifei Yu, Yifei “Yash” Zhang, Mengting Zhuo

Image Copyrights © Artists, Susanne Songi Griem Photo: Credits to Elsa Okazaki