Yifei “Yash” Zhang

Yash(Yifei) Zhang(b. 1999) is an independent filmmaker, photographer, and theatre actor from Tengzhou, China. He is currently pursuing a Creative Documentary MFA at University College London(UCL). He graduated from Rhodes College, Memphis, TN, with a B.A. in self-designed interdisciplinary major between Theatre and Film&Media Studies. In 2019, he received a certificate for studying 6-week filmmaking workshops at New York Film Academy. In 2020, he was studying abroad in Kathmandu, Nepal with SIT: Development, Gender, and Social Change in the Himalaya program. He spends most of his time exploring connections and combinations in his artwork between performance and moving images, body movement, and sensation. He is especially interested in feminism, post-humanism, futurism, and pan-spirituality. His films were selected by Mao International Film Week, Indie Memphis Film Festival, etc. He has been involved in various film and theatre productions since 2017.