Ying Ming Theater Issue 21

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01. 敖⽟敏(汉堡)/ 哥廷根⼤学⾸届当代亚洲戏剧国际研讨会回顾

05. Yumin AO (Hamburg) / Review of the 1st International Symposium on Contemporary Asian Theater in Göttingen

10. 喻荣军(上海)/ 不可说: 疫情让我们都成了孤岛

15. Rongjun YU (Shanghai) / Beyond Words: the Macro Health Crisis Has Shaped Us into Micro Isolated Island

20. 刘晓义(新加坡)/ “反观与互鉴”专栏:唯有主动才能改变我们的⽣存困境

24. Xiaoyi LIU (Singapore) / “Contemplation and Reflection” Column: We Can Change Our Predicament Only by Taking Actions

28. 陈超美(都柏林) / 草台班与赵川的“草稿剧场”

32. Chaomei CHEN (Dublin)/ The “Grass Stage” Collective and ZHAO’ Chuan’s “Draft Theatre”

37. 赵淼(北京)/ 传统中国傩⾯在当代剧场中的运⽤:谈《⽔⽣》演出⾯具的佩戴与象征

43. ZHAO Miao (Beijing) / Applications of Nuo Opera Masks in Contemporary Theatre: on the Wearing and Symbolism of the Masks in Shui Sheng

53. 钟海清(北京)/ 实验越剧表演中的⾝⼼合⼀:采访上海越剧院⼩⽣演员王婉娜
Haiqing ZHONG (Beijing) / The Unity of Mind and Body in Experimental Yue Opera Performance: Interview with WANG Wanna, a Xiaosheng Actor from the Shanghai Yue Opera House

61. 王维(巴黎)/ 原创剧本《⼏时兔⼦乖乖》
Arianne Wei WANG (Paris) / Yet This Has Never Been a Story of Bunnies!

95. 李霞(哥廷根)/ 澳⼤利亚背靠背剧团与对“能⼒主义”的思考
Xia LI (Göttingen) / Back to Back Theatre Australia and and Review on “Ableism”

101. 卢凌煜(北京)/ 《哥本哈根》在清华⼤学的演出及系列活动
Lingyu LU (Beijing)/ Copenhagen: Performances and Events at Tsinghua University

107. 卢凌煜(北京)/ ⾮确定性是⽣活和思想的常态:对话清华⼤学哲学系夏莹教授
Lingyu LU (Beijing) / Uncertainty is the Normal State of Life and Mind: Dialogue with Professor Ying XIA of the Department of Philosophy at Tsinghua University

114. 刘晓义(新加坡)/ “反观与互鉴”专栏: 根本没有“常态”这回事

117. Xiaoyi LIU (Singapore) / “Contemplation and Reflection” Column: There is no such thing as “normal”

121. 曹思诗 刘思忆(哥廷根)/ 德国戏剧构作:采访柏林⼩剧场戏剧构作师刘丹丹

125. Sishi CAO and Siyi LIU (Göttingen) / Dramaturgy in Germany: Interview with the Dramaturg of the Berliner Ringtheater Dandan LIU

130. ⾼⾳符(吉森)/ 德国吉森⼤学应⽤剧场学
Yingfu GAO (Gießen) / Applied Theater Studies at the University of Gießen in Germany

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